EcoInformatics & GIS Laboratory kialakítása, fejlesztése és üzemeltetése

HU MTA (IF-006/2013 EcoInfLab, 2012 - 2014, Befejezett projekt)
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Botta-Dukát Zoltán
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Establishment of a common geoinformation infrastructure for the Centre for Ecological Research through software, hardware and data purchase, integration with existing spatial ecological and environmental datasets and leading-edge research methodologies into an EcoInformatics and GIS Laboratory. The lab will provide new capabilities to (1) spatial analysis and predictive modelling of species, habitats and ecosystems of the Carpathian basin, (2) assessment of ecosystem services in relation with biodiversity, land use change and climate change, (3) risk assessment of alien invasive species, (4) ecological remote sensing methodology development.

Kapcsolódó publikációk: 


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