IEB Laboratory for Lichenology

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The Laboratory for Lichenology is revealing the biological and chemical diversity of lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi. The occurrence, localisation and role of the unique lichen secondary metabolites are studied. Taxonomic revisions are carried out by the application of morphological, chemical and molecular genetic methods. The changing distribution of taxa and its background, ecophysiological and bioindication aspects are investigated.

Lichen herbarium VBI registered by New York Botanical Garden, Index Herbariorum is curated and developed by the staff.
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The homepage "Lichenology - the knowledge of lichens" is edited by us.

Selected publications:


Katalin Veres, Edit Farkas, Zsolt Csintalan (2020): The bright and shaded side of duneland life: the photosynthetic response of lichens to seasonal changes is species-specific. Mycol Progress 19, 629–641



Şenkardeşler A, Lőkös L, Farkas E (2014): Lectotypification of names of lichen taxa described by Ödön Szatala Taxon 63: 139-145.


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2017 - 2023 NKFI K_124341 "Global patterns to molecular problems in lichenology" (NKFI K_124341 - Edit FARKAS, DSc)
2010 - 2014 Perspectives in lichenological research - biodiversity, lichen chemistry (OTKA-K 81232 - Edit FARKAS, DSc)