Strengthening Pollinator Recovery through INdicators and monitorinG (SPRING)

EU - others (SPRING, 2021 - 2023, running project)
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Jozef Settele
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It is necessary to know and monitor the status and population trends of pollinators to preserve them, and that requires establishing an extensive monitoring network at the European level. The EU Pollination Monitoring Program completed by Potts et al. in the fall of 2020 serves as a detailed theoretical and methodological guide for implementing such extensive monitoring in the EU member states. The European Commission has announced a tender starting in May 2021 to prepare this EU-level monitoring program. The tender aims to carry out a pilot project establishing the monitoring methodology in all EU member states on at least 10 percent of the sampling sites proposed in the Program and testing and establishing all the additional modules at least at the regional level if possible. The tender gives 30 months to accomplish the tasks, and ideally, it will be followed by the launch of the all-around EU Pollination Monitoring Program. Most EU countries participate in the consortium. The ÖK coordinates the tasks included in the Hungarian and Romanian sites of the tender.