AQUACOSM-plus: Network of Leading Ecosystem Scale Experimental AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Rivers, Lakes, Estuaries and Oceans in Europe and beyond

(AQUACOSM-plus, 2020 - 2024, running project)
Coordinator or leader of the project: 
Jens Nejstgaard (FVB-IGB)
Coordinator or leader institution of the project: 
FVB-IGB (Berlin, Németország)
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Short description: 

AQUACOSM-plus aims to efficiently address the dramatic challenges aquatic ecosystems are facing
by providing, to a broad multidisciplinary international research community, an open-access, high-quality
and innovative European-driven research infrastructure, supporting excellent research and
fast-track to innovation, and bringing together a research community specialised in experimental
mesocosm-based research, covering freshwater and marine ecosystems from the Arctic to the

Project (team) members at ÖK: