Mosquitoes are the most important vector organisms that affect both human and animal health because of their roles in spreading pathogens. They are responsible for about a million human deaths annually and worldwide, primarily in the tropical region, but they now pose serious threat in the temperate region as well. Global tourism and international trade have brought several invasive mosuito species into Europe, which can spread pathogens that are far more dangerous than what the native European species harbour. In the last ten years, three invasive mosquito species (tiger mosquito, asian bush mosquito and korean mosquito) have been recorded in Hungary, but the ecological causes and evolutionary consequences of such introduction events are not yet fully understood. The Centre for Ecological Research has initiated a project that aims at characterising how the spread of invasive mosquito species mediate the distribution, composition and density of the native mosquito community, and how they interact with the transmission dynamics of pathogens.


"Mosquitoes" Citizen Science project