ÖBI Talentia Program

ÖBI Talentia Program is a biweekly, self-education program for junior researchers, undergraduate students, PhD students or research assistants with four types of events:

1. “Journal club” – this will be the default program: we will regularly discuss and evaluate texts (most of the time articles) which are special for a given reason. We will continuously rotate the roles: on each occasion, there will be one moderator who picked the actual text; it is the moderator’s responsibility to send the chosen (scientific) article, book chapter, blog post, documentary, etc. to all members in advance. We strongly suggest that you read the paper in advance and make up your mind about the topic, strengths and weaknesses of the article so that an interesting conversation could be taken place. The moderator should give a brief summary first, suggest points to discuss (with input from all), and lead the discussion.

2. “Workshop or extension course” – if you think that you have a special new knowledge that could be useful to a wider audience or there is a new tool, plugin, technique, etc. that has just come out and you would like to share it with the others, please let us know. There is also a possibility that workshop of special topic led by external experts will be organized if someone has an idea in mind that is interesting for many of us.

3. “Brainstorming” – seminars when we discussed specific and absolutely general topics related to the academic life and career. In the past few years, topics like “How to submit a paper?”, “How to talk about your project in the media?” or “How to write an application for an academic fellowship?” were reviewed. In case of this type of meetings, we would like to call on the senior researchers to share their experiences and the secret tips & tricks about the recent issue. Moreover, we can discuss about topics that is (or will be) present in everyone’s life like “How to keep a work-life balance?” or “How to avoid burnout?”.

4. “Stuck with a paper and/or practising for a presentation” – this type of event can be organized when someone would like to proceed with an own paper or project planning and feels the need of help and suggestions of a wider audience. Similarly, we would like to help anyone to have a wider audience than a research group or family members; and the community could give some feedbacks and suggestions about the presentation to enhance your performance.